After building our home and having a young family, we were wanting to add an addition to our backyard to complete our outdoor area. Initially we were looking at installing a pool - however with limited space in our backyard due to the addition of an upstairs entertaining deck, we decided this wasn't really the best option for our family. We therefore decided on a spa instead, as this would fit in more appropriately with the space we had to use and the design that we had planned for the outdoor area.

Not previously owning a spa before, we invested a lot of time in doing our homework in different brands and models, comparing features and benefits we wanted included as well as balancing the price we had in mind.

After much deliberation we decided to purchase the Hotsprings Relay Spa from Pollard Pools & Spas, and it is the best decision we could have made.

Initially the purchase of this spa was a higher price in comparison to other models. However we soon determined that, after taking into consideration the slightly higher purchase costs then calculating the lower energy costs of running this Hotspring Spa, we would actually be saving money in the long run and at the same time owning a spa which was far more superior in quality than other comparable spas. In addition to this, the benefits far outweighed our other options, in that the Relay Spa included many more jets than comparible products on the market - which would better cater to all members of our family.

The water temperatures in this spa are another great benefit -  in winter we keep the temperature up to 30 degrees, with the heat a great escape from the cold weather - and in summer we have the water at a nice mild temperature, where our children especially enjoy spending time lazing in the spa, away from the heat. Subsequently, our spa is used all throughout the year.

We also must acknowledge that the service you receive at Pollards is without a doubt amazing. From recommendations on what you are looking at in a product in the first stages at looking to purchase, with knowledgeable and honest staff -  to sales, installation and after sales service, you really cant go wrong!

Kylie Berne, Port Macquarie


We owned an old Hot Spring spa for five years and we have been so impressed with the low running costs, ease of maintenance and the therapeutic benefits, we decided to invest in a NXT generation Hot Spring spa with the new jet system and LED ambient lighting which is a real step up from the old spa. Pollard Pools and Spas in Port Macquarie are our local Hot Spring dealer but we did shop around and we found their price to be highly competitive. Coupled with this, Pollard Pools and Spas are a great team we know from the maintenance of our old spa and they have always been great. Lee, Sue and Jay made the entire buying process enjoyable and easy. Five stars all the way!

Paddy McCann Communication and Marketing Strategist



The staff at Pollard Pools have been amazing with the service they have provided to me over the last 5 years.  I highly recommend them to service your pool and keep it looking great.

T. Mills


I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Hot Springs Spa.

You told us about the energy efficiency, however, until you see for yourself you can't quite believe it could be that good. We are amazed that our electricity bill has not changed. We have had our spa for 2 years now and we use it up to 4 times per week consistently. There has been no change to the electricity cost before we got the spa and now after. I thoroughly recommend these spas for the running cost, the customer service from Pollards Pools & Spas and the sheer pleasure of using the spa.

Thank you to the team from Pollards. Well done! A great product.

Vicki Piper
Hallidays Point


After thinking about investing in a spa and visiting several showrooms my family and I went to Pollards Pools & Spas. We were straight away impressed by Jay's freindly manner and knowledge of product. We purchased the Jetsetter model and have enjoyed it since that day. It was a simple set up, the staff (who are all great) helped with instructions and answered all my silly questions. Summer months are a great way to cool down and relax in the spa, winters are great when cranking it up to a warm temperature and relaxing those muscles. I've hardly spent a day out of the spa since buying it. Great investment. Enjoy. 

Chris Waals, Port Macquarie


We decided to try Pollards after recommendations, as we were not happy with our pool condition after using an alternate pool service centre. We are so happy we did, as this is the first summer season in three years that we have been able to use our pool which is now in perfect condition. We cannot express our thanks enough to Pollards who through their knowledge and expertise, have solved problems that others could not. We now swim in a perfectly clean and happy pool.  Thanks to Pollards . . . .

Stephen and Thea Evans - Sancrox.


We have owned a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner for coming up to 2 years and it is without doubt the most effective pool cleaner we have ever owned. You can set and forget the Dolphin so that in a couple of hours it has cleaned the entire pool at minimal cost and with no fuss. Cleaning the filters is as easy as a quick rinse once cleaning is complete and the entire unit is portable and easy to use. We no longer have to spend long hours on hot summer days cleaning the pool ourselves. With the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, the job is done quickly and efficiently, allowing us more time to relax.

Kerry & Craig


I discussed with you a number of options regarding keeping our pool clean. We are surrounded by tall gum trees and I am not always as diligent as I should be. You recommended the Dolphin Supreme M5. While it is not the cheapest alternative, you thought it would do the job well for many years. It is brilliant. It is silent, so you can turn it on after work on Friday night for a spotless pool for the weekend. It is independent of the filter so you can just turn it on whenever you walk past......you could even just use the remote control. Very easy to clean and with the trolley it is easy to roll into the corner, out of the way. We use ours once every couple of weeks over winter to keep the pool surface clean and about twice a week in summer or after strong winds fill our pool with leaves. Two years of keeping our pool clean and it has not missed a beat. I would recommend it to anyone.

Tim Moore, Port Macquarie


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