Stain Removal And Prevention

Pollards specialise in the removal of difficult and common stains from all types of swimming pool interiors.  We have over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. Combined with our close association with our suppliers this provides us with the information to professionally restore your pool back to its original finish.

What we do

Look for the cause

Most of our clients have already tried several expensive products before calling us.  Often these products do not remove the stain and can make the stain worse. This is due to a lack of knowledge on stain removal and prevention or because most cheap products are too diluted or weakened after they are mixed with a large body of pool water.

What causes stains?

Stains are primarily caused by the introduction of metals into the water which react with Chlorine or the alkaline pH to give dark coloured metal oxides which we call stains.

Metals can be introduced by:

  • Salt added to a salt water pool - Salt is the most common cause of stains. Some inexpensive salts have large crystals and metal contaminates. Remember that cheap salt is cheap for a reason.
  • Liquid Chlorine - The yellow colour is usually Iron (metals).
  • Top up water - Especially bore water.
  • Algaecides containing metals
  • Metal fixtures
  • Garden dirt
  • Organic stains - leaf stains or dirt washed into the pool.

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