Solar Heating

A swimming pool is an investment in lifestyle and family fun and solar doubles the value you get from that investment by making it warm and enjoyable for more days per year and more hours per day. By saving on the cost of gas or electric pool heating, solar is the only pool heating system that actually pays for itself over time. 

Our expert installers will design the system to suit your roof and advise on the best aspect for installation. This unique system can be installed on any roofing material - difficult or unusual roofs are our specialty. Each unit is designed for your special requirements, with the option of temperature controls, separate plumbing systems and other automatic options.

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Heat Pumps

An emerging method of heating pools is the heat pump pool heater. A heat pump's efficiency is dependent on the outside temperature and since pools are usually used during warm and mild weather, heat pumps are a very efficient method of heating pools.  Heat pumps do not generate heat; they simply capture it and move it from one place to another.  Efficiency is one consideration in buying a pool heater, but you should also consider the reputation of the manufacturer and/or dealer who will install your heater.  Pollard Pools & Spas are licensed installers of Solar and Heat Pumps.

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