Dolphin Supreme RoboticPool Cleaners

Dolphin Supreme Robotic pool cleaners are taking the world by storm for reasons including superior quality, service, functionality and innovation. Dolphins' are truly automatic pool cleaners. They scan and map each pool to provide a superior level of pool cleaning to make life easier for every pool owner. Owning a Dolphin Supreme can save you up to $500.00 per year in pool running costs!

Robotic pool cleaners travel the entire floor of the pool sweeping and vacuuming debris which is then picked up and deposited in the body of the cleaner. They have their own pump and drive motor as well as a built-in filter, which cleans the water before returning it back into the pool.

Robotic cleaners feature self-programming scanning software, enabling them to automatically calculate the most effective cleaning patterns according to your pool dimensions. The software also controls the filtering, scrubbing, sweeping and vacuuming process, irrespective of surface finish or pool shape.

The additional process of also cleaning the pool water and surfaces enhances the pool water quality. By gathering the organic contamination into its own filter, and not depositing it into the pool's filter system, saves on chemical costs. This filter element can be removed after every timed operation cycle, emptied and hosed if required.

What makes us Better than the Rest:

Pollards are a Maytronics ELITE Dealer, which means all warranty, service & repairs are completed in our own workshop. This includes the entire range of Dolphin Cleaners.

Maytronics provide cleaners to suit every lifestyle & budget. We love & endorse the Supreme range: M Series & S Series. Visit to purchase online.

The Dolphin Supreme range is unique for:

Fully Serviceable Motors which means we can replace parts without having to replace the entire Motor. (Motors for all non Supreme Maytronics cleaners cannot be repaired & will have to be replaced).

Triple action brush Spins at twice the speed for superior scrubbing action.

Swivel located on the cable to prevent tangles.

Top access Cartridge filters x 2 for fast & easy access No mess from bags.

Pollard Pools and Spas An ELITE DEALER for ALL warranty, service and repairs. Visit to purchase online or call into our showroom to see the Dolphin Supreme in action in its very own test tank. If you're still not convinced we can offer a free in home / pool demo.

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